The destruction begins

Well, here are the before photos. They are possibly even the before shots of the before shots. This looks teeeerible. But this is the garden in reality, as of today.

Below is the view from the patio to the main house garden. The Paw-Paw and Macadamia nut trees will stay, along with a few natives but the rest needs to make way for a new design (the blue paint is not a garden design element, it’s actually Mumma’s new kitchen layout)

Below is the view of the lovely big shed which houses all the tools of the trade – our chick cave. The clothes line will go and so too the squared off garden beds. Nothing more unimaginative than a garden which trails the fence line in a neat little box.

Next, the view to the front of the house. Apologies to all Permie’s, but the Queen Palm (you can just see the bottom of a frond in the top right hand corner) and a Melaluca, with a 1.5m  trunk span, are being sacrificed.

Look, it’s something I have battled with.

In Permaculture you should take careful observation of nature and then learn to apply this to your own situation. So, blatant culling of trees does not sit well in Permie ethos. That said, I justify the cull knowing that the 25sqm meters of earth will unveil a 6 bed rotating vege patch.

Below is the Melaluca which is off to Cumbersome Tree Heaven.  Attached is the most divine Elkhorn we happily inherited  with the house. It’s body spans 2m – just huge. To give some perspective, the terracotta pot which sits in the tree, is 40cm high.

It was somewhat tough to convince an Arborist that I wanted the Elkhorn kept, Melaluca trunk and all, and moved against the concrete tank in the background. Most were resistant, but the guy I am going with was more than happy to help salvage the mighty Elk.

This is also the before shot to the impending vege patch. Wee bit excited.

Yet another box, boxed in by fencing, which is all getting boxed (binned).  The wonderful part here – the soil is magnificent! I dare say the PO’s (previous owners) had it shipped in to fill the 10,000m of box gardening. Neighbours will be screened out with a varietal of climbing veg.

Looking at the photo above, there are two things I am quite stoked with:

  1. I’m happy in my decision to cull these trees and get that earth working to grow veg and create life
  2. I have two wheelbarrows. Nuff said

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