For the Greater Good?

I am gutted. Heartbroken. Guilty. Ashamed.

Look at this destruction?! How can I possible call myself a permie? Truly??

A 20m tall Melaleuca has transgressed to mulch heaven. So too have 3 palms, a few invading branches of a Macadamia (fruiting too) and the gangling end of a Bottlebrush.


Misters Holmgren and Mollison, I happily surrender my permie right to be a permie.

But, here’s the only saving grace. I justify the cull knowing that the 25sqm gobbled by the Melaleuca roots, will provide a 6 bed rotating vege patch.

I can feed my family with home grown organic food. I’m reducing my footprint. I can replenish the soil. I can choose my own produce. My chickens will thank me with their own produce.  I can learn. I can watch. And I can be proud – I’ve changed my world.

But, with ALL that said, the battle that existed in my head about this, has been epic. I’m Talking Superman v Lex Luther epic. Good vs Evil etcetera

Here’s how it’s panned out…

Superman (permie) “As a permie/super-permie one should take careful observation of said environment/nature and apply this to a current situation – and not cut shit down”

Lex Luther (anti-permie) “Cut the shit down and put the earth to good use – create life, provide food – energize our environment”

Superman *pulls of weapons of mass gardening* “It already creates life (the Elkhorn), provides sustenance for the birdlife and provides a thick, lush shade which is divine in summer”

Lex Luther “Bugger that. You can’t eat shade”

Superman  “The Melaleuca existed  before us, respect life”

Lex Luther “I have the green stone-thingy (kyrptonite), and that conquers all. It’s coming down.”

So it has been destroyed, all gone and making way for a sustainable pantry full to the brim.

I can live with that I spose.

The worst part is listening to my backyard now. It’s strangely silent now. I miss the sounds of the palm dancing with the breeze. The  possums waltzing with the Melaleuca branches. But worse, is the span of sky that now dominates the stage.

I am truly sad they are gone. And I feel terrible.

Damn you Lex Luther and your green stone thingy.


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