Some Saving Grace

Ok, maybe this will provide me some solace, peace, guilt free living?? My darlin Melaleuca and such is now  HUGE pile of mulched goodness sitting on my driveway. Kept for the sole purpose to put everything single piece I demolished, back into the earth.

Aborist guy wasn’t happy (who was the spitting image of Ryan Gosling, I might add) and charged me for the privilege. But whatever, I couldn’t stand the knowledge my trees were going waste.

So with that said, I would love to offer my fellow permies, mooching friends and patient neighbours…  FREE MULCH PEOPLE! FREE MUCLH! Please come and take as much as you need to fill your own gardens! Please  inbox me at for address etc. Please come and relieve my guilt!

How gratifying to know all this mulch will nurture and feed other gardens of Brisbane.  And surely, that offers some forgiveness from the permie gods?! Ahhhhh, feelin’ better already.

A link to my crazy rants and the epic battle between good and evil


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