Tale of a Pumpkin Dynasty

Pumpkins are cantankerous. Period.

I have attempted growing pumpkins before, but it ended up as a pumpkin VINE patch, plagued with little girls and very few little boys.  So this time, I’m getting serious.

Rather than just popping a seed in the ground and keeping the extremities crossed, I’m going to read, research, seek advice.

I WILL have pumpkins. And it starts with these containers

Pumpkin soup

The above is all that is left of an ample Queensland Blue Pumpkin I picked up for a tidy $5 at the local markets.

This little girl will be the matriarch of the my Pumpkin Patch Dynasty.  That is, I plan to seed save, grow exquisite fruit and then start again. My own heirloom variety as it were.

Here is the first generation – freshly dryed, now packed and ready to pop into the ground


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