My Family


Well, this fella rocks. 10 years later and my best friend, lover and damn fine soul mate.

A very accomplished author (5 books published), a few degrees including a Doctorate in Creative Writing. By day a successful journalist. Lived in Greece rescuing stray dogs and drinking Retsina. Lived in London drinking pints and rescuing stray girlfriends. Possibly the worst handyman around.

Also a shopper of groceries, cleaner of litter trays and conqueror of washing.

Check the fella out:

NB: Kudos to the very talented artist Mr Jeremy Thompson for the above illustration  – oh, and by day he also builds guitars (as you do)


My Mumma. She is my best girlfriend and the sounding board for all in my life.

At the very least, I owe her a million thanks for giving me life. But as life has moved on, I owe her a million thanks for who she is today.

I was a shit of a kid. But she never gave up and always saw something good in me.

PS. This pic always makes us laugh!

Here is the other inspirational girls in my life… with thanks to Mumma of course.

My beautiful sister Sharyn with Mumma in planning mode for my wedding.

Mumma had to let go of Sharyn as a young, single mother, without choice, in the 1960’s.

They found each other again just past her 18th birthday – they age when you could seek out your birth parents.

Sharyn went first, just after her 18th birthday. Mum went the next day she was home to NZ after 5 years in Papua New Guinea.

They were within a week of each other. The Matron told Mum “your daughter was here last week, shall I call her?”

They met the next day.

This is my other beautiful sister, Sharon.

Yes Sharon.

Here’s a quick sidebar. At one time – I had two sisters, both called Sharon, both married to a Wayne.

Yep, 100% true – they both married a Wayne.

It was my party trick. Everyone has something to pull out right? My was… “Well, get this…. I have two sisters, both called Sharon and both married to Wayne”

Yeah, I would normally get decent cudos for that one.

Different times now. Which, just quietly, I am miffed my party trick has gone. But hey, Sharon/Sharyn is a happy girl.

In then end – my life is full with amazing women. All different, talented in different ways and I aspire to be ever single one of them.


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