The Patch


This is the story of the spectacular rewards we get from our place everyday. Rewards not just in the food we gush over in very meal, but those rewards we receive by watching the gardens grow and develop into 603sqm of devine delight.  I’ m so damn proud of my block, I could give it a big squelch.

Being the planner I am, and armed with a PDC (Permaculture Design Course), I’ve designed the block into a series of zones.

For those non-permies, zones are a way of organising the elements on the basis of the frequency you would use it eg. Herbs and Kitchen Garden you access daily, so they are closest to your kitchen (Zone 1). An orchard you’ll access much less therefore sits in a further away in a Zone 2. There are zones 3,4 and 5 but are traditionally geared towards farming and much, much larger pieces of land.

There is also a Zone O which really, is your place. The principles apply in terms of aiming to reduce energy and water consumption, harnessing natural resources such as sunlight, and generally creating a sustainable environment in your own place.

Our place really only comprises Zone 0,1 and 2. And actually, Zone 1 is jam packed and really takes the load for this household. Zone 2, is ‘borrowed’ from council (yes, borrowed). We have the fortune of backing onto a beautiful and unused park – but even better – the long skinny blocks around us have created an alcove of park that runs seamlessly into our place.  So, like any good Permie, I am borrowing the park alcove for our Orchard (circled below).

The line of trees to the back, is not my orchard. They are Hoop Pines and will form a natural wind break for the orchard (ps. thanks to council for the forethought to plant a wind break just for me)

The rewards at our place are in abundance. Check out some of our favourites:


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