Chooks n’ Fowlcatraz

No Permi Pad is complete without a bunch of chooks!

To be in keeping with permie ethos, we’ve decided to raise heritage hens rather than the most common breeds such as the Australorp, Isa Browns or Leghorns. Whilst these breeds are the better cluckers; more reliable layers, produce more eggs and somewhat easier to keep – raising a heritage hens means we are supporting and nurturing the rarer breeds and contributing to their cycle in life.

We also decided to take on an upcycle project for the hen house. And what could be a better potential chook house than a defunct cubby house?

The Chooks:

We opted for 5 Bantam Pullets first up. Being new to chooks and housing three cats, we figured Pullets would be provide a smaller risk first time around.

They are just fantastic addition to our family and not only provide countless eggs but also hours of viewing pleasure on Chook TV


Everything about the fantastic chicken coop, aptly named Fowlcatraz

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